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Monday, 24 June 2013

PDair Nexus 4 Leather Flip Case (Book Style)

PDair design and manufacture high quality cases for most of the latest smartphones. These cases are normally made of leather, but they do have a few other cases made out of aluminium, and silicone.

Here I have the Black Leather Book case for the Nexus 4. It arrived in a rather plain box which included the case and a belt/pocket clip attachment. As soon as you pull the case out of its packaging, you instantly realise the quality of this case. The leather looks and feels of the highest quality, with no marks or scuffs anywhere. The leather is held in place with white stitching, which hasn't broken over a few weeks of vigorous testing. The contrast between the white stitching and the dark leather just looks beautiful.

I chose the book type case over the other types, because all the necessary ports and buttons are easily accessed, so you don't have to open the case to charge the phone, change the volume, and do a few other things.

The Book Case flips open to the left, with the phone on the right hand side. The material on the inside is quite a bit firmer, with the logo PDair in the middle. The piece of leather that holds the left and right hand side together, does start to have stretch marks after constantly opening and closing the case for a few weeks. The phone is held in place from the sides and bottom only. The clips are made from hardened leather, and are a perfect snug fit for the nexus 4. I thought that my phone would fall out of the case due to not supporting it from all directions, but the phone has stayed in place since having the case.

On the rear of the case, there's a camera cutout which is surrounded by the beautiful white stitching. Also it has 3 holes where the phone speaker sits, so it doesn't affect the volume that drastically. Also there's the place to mount the pocket/belt clip on the rear. You screw the adaptor in to the back of the case, and then the clip itself clicks in place onto this adaptor.

The case is held closed by a magnetic clip, which is fairly strong. On the similar Nilkin Nexus 4 case, there's no clip so when the phone falls, the case opens, and it lands face first. This isn't an issue with this case because of the magnetic clip. The clip also clicks into place, so the case is held firmly shut.

One downside I've realised with this case, is that it does affect the amount of signal the phone receives. I have a few times, removed the phone out of the case, so I can get a bit of signal.

Overall, if you want a high quality case, which does a phenomenal job of protecting your phone, while still looking amazing, this is the case for you. This case might be quite expensive but in the end, you're paying for quality.