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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Olight M22 Warrior Flashlight Review

Olight M22 Warrior Review

This new flashlight from Olight features the newer LED the XM-L2. When it was first released, a lot of people had different reactions towards its looks. Some liked it, and some hated it. Personally, it looks like a standard 18650 thrower, and it looks similar to the nearest competitors.

It arrived in a lovely package, that included the M22, a diffuser, a holster, a CR123 magazine, a good quality lanyard, and a small package that includes 3 O-rings and a spare glow in the dark tail switch. The M22 gives out 950 lumens on high which has a beam range of 305m. It comfortably lights stuff up to about 200-250m, but I can see trees (just about) that are 300m away.


In hand, the M22 feels extremely well built, and the knurling on the body ain't too aggressive. The words on the body are well machined on with no slight mistakes. The head features a lot of cooling fins that help to lower the chance of overheating. The bezel is well made, and has the words "Hot Surface" and "Cree XM-L2" laser etched to each side.


One thing that might put some people off from buying this flashlight is that it can't tail stand. It also features a tactical ring, that allows users to hold the flashlight with the cigar hold. This ring is removable but it will reveal an O-ring. It also has a pocket clip. The design of the clip helps to hold the tactical ring in place. The metal contact in the tailcap maintains contact because it has a spring beneath the gold contact. The rear threads are well lubed and look of extremely high quality. Inside the battery tube, there's a shiny sticker that shows the user which way the battery goes in.
The head doesn't have anodised threads because the UI requires the head to be loosened and tightened. There is also a spring gold contact near the head, so the battery will not rattle about, and it should always maintain contact.

The reflector is smooth and deep, which gives a throwy beam, which also lights up a good area. The walls of the flashlight are quite thick, and should be capable of a good beating. The bezel is easily removed which reveals a glass lens with a red O-ring.
The included diffuser fits on snuggly to the head, and works flawlessly. The diffuser also has a loop that can be mounted to the lanyard.
The holster is probably one of the best ones I've seen. It's made of a high quality material, so it keeps it's shape. On each side, there's a loop to hold spare 18650 batteries. The loops hold the batteries in place really well. There is a hole at the bottom of the holster so the flashlight can be used when its packed away. The holster can be mounted to a belt or a carabiner. I hope that other brands will soon follow the design of this Olight holster.
The user interface is very simple on the M22. You loosen the head and then tighten it to move from one mode to another. Low-Medium-High. There is also a hidden Strobe mode. To access the strobe, you'll have to press the switch momentary 3 times. Personally the strobe flashes at a good rate to temporarily blind someone. It ain't too fast, like some of the other flashlight I've used. When the flashlight gets quite hot on high, it will move down to a lower mode, to protect the LED.

If you're looking for a powerful tactical flashlight, the M22 might be the flashlight for you. It rivals other flashlights that cost quite a bit more.


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